1965 Corvette Convertible Third Party Inspection at Buyavette® - Atlanta, Georgia
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1965 Corvette Convertible Third Party Inspection

What a Corvette! When I arrived at Buy-A-Vette I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the 1965 that you were considering!

By The Numbers                                                                   

The vin number of the Corvette is 194675S115492
#1 indicates Chevrolet Motor Division                                   
#9 indicates Corvette model                                               
#4 indicates a V-8 engine                                                    
#67 indicates a convertible                                                        
#5 indicates it is a 1965                                              
S indicates St. Louis assembly                     
#115492 is the sequential build number.

This is the 15,492 built for 1965! In 1965 there were 23,562 Corvettes produced. There were 15,376 convertibles and 8,186 coupes built!
The final serial number produced by month is known. The first Corvette built in April was 13937 and the last one built in April was 16516. If we assume there are 20 work days in a month we could reasonably put the build date of this car sometime during the 4th week of April, 1965.
The casting date of the engine block is 3/1/65. This is right in line for this car. Two months before final production.                                   

On the front of the engine pad there is a stamped number that tells us when the engine was assembled. In this case it is F0405HE.
F = Flint produced engine. All 327’s V-8 engines for the Corvettes were produced in Flint.                   
0209 tells us the engine was assembled April 5th. This engine precedes the estimated build date of the car by 2-4 weeks. This is a major indicator that this is the original born with engine that came in this Corvette!          
HE is the code for the base engine 250hp engine.                
I feel that after reviewing the casting date of the block and the stampings on the engine pad that this is the original engine.

More on the car. The trim tag and Vin tag are located under the glove box. They both appear to be original in nature and correctly fastened.
The trim tag indicates it is paint code #900AA and this tells us it is Tuxedo Black. There were only 1191 Tuxedo Black 1965 Corvettes made in 1965. This is the rarest color for 1965! The trim is code 420 which is saddle vinyl seating surfaces.

Body Fit and Finish

This Corvette has recently undergone a major restoration to the highest standards. The front end has been replaced at some time and much time and effort was expended to ensure proper alignment and fit. I suspect it was a minor accident at best. The paint has been professionally applied and has an extremely high luster. It looks like it just came off of the show room floor. It is better than what originally came from the factory in 1965. All gaps and body panel fit are A+. All of the chrome bumpers, emblems, grille, weather stripping, door handles, tail lights etc. were replaced at the time of the restoration. All is in excellent #1 condition! The power antennae even works! The convertible top is new and professionally installed.
The doors and windows all open and close as they should. With the exception of the windshield and one side glass all the window glass is original to the car. At some point this Corvette had a hardtop installed and I understand that there is not one with the car. They are plentiful if you choose to add one in the future.

Engine Compartment

It is very detailed and is in great condition. New wiring harness, clean and neat, proper cad platting where necessary, correct air cleaner, intake, exhaust manifold, ignition chrome etc. are all in place. The radiator is a replacement but of no concern.


The interior has been replaced at the time of the restoration and all is in like new condition. Much time has been spent on correctly fitting the components. The seat belts are original to the car and are in great shape. The dash and gauge cluster have all been refurbished and look and function as they should. The steering wheel, console, glove box door and liner, door panel trim, radio, etc. are all in #1 condition. Vintage Air has been installed and this should add to the enjoyment of the car.

The Underside 

Much time was spent by someone that knew what they were doing restoring the frame and frame components. I could find NO Faults with their workmanship or the condition. From no rust issues, to new brake lines, new gas tank and fuel lines, original born with transmission, correct rear end (date code and AL code 3.08:1 ratio), and on and on. A joy to look at and inspect.
The spare tire carrier has been cleaned and detailed as it should be.

Tires and Wheels

The radial tires are in very good condition and have the yellow line option. The wheels are a set of reproduction Knock Offs and are without any flaws or defects.


This Corvette started right up and sat there and idled as it should. It was determined that it may have the incorrect alternator and the Buy-A-Vette service department will correct this. We checked all headlights, blinkers, stop lights, etc. and everything was good. The original 327 motor was rebuilt at some time and upgraded from the 250hp rating to approximately a 350hp engine. The engine compartment is highly detailed and is in showroom condition. The power steering is a plus. The addition of the Vintage A/C system is also a huge plus!

In conclusion – WHAT A CORVETTE! You could search all over the country and be challenged to find another 1965 Corvette Convertible as nice as this one! It is the best color combination, has the most desirable original engine with reproduction Knock Offs and Gold Lines, and recently been through at least a 1000 hour comprehensive restoration process.  I think that this is the right car for you!

Value Appraisal

Corvettes prices for 1963 through 1967 are very strong today. They have been called America’s Sports Car for years! They continue to be one of the most sought after collector cars.
The recent Cars of Particular Interest (May/June 2016) price guide rates a comparable car in a similar condition as having a value of $73,100. I would add another $5,000 for the Air Conditioning, power steering and knock off wheels. This is a special car and I think you would be hard pressed to replace it for $78,000.

1965 Corvette Convertible Third Party Inspection